5 New Grants Opportunities

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1/16/20242 min read

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Watch out for these grants and opportunities for entrepreneurs!

Here are a handful of upcoming fundings

January Skip Grants - Want a grant to advance your business? In January 2024, Skip is once again giving out $1k grants to Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs. Here's how it works: $1k grants open to all US based entrepreneurs. Apply by Jan 28.
🔗 Apply HERE: DTCeVeRu2

$10k 2024 Kickoff Grant - The Skip $10k 2024 Kickoff Grant is open to all entrepreneurs and small business owners in the United States, regardless of the stage or size of their business. This initiative aligns with Skip's mission to break down the barriers that restrict access to funding, ensuring that bright ideas and hard work are given the opportunity to flourish. Here's how it works: Open to all US entrepreneurs. Apply by Jan 31.
🔗 Apply HERE: DTCrbsFwM

Feed The Soul Restaurant Business Development Program - The Restaurant Business Development Program ensures your business is financially sustainable, operationally, and advancing towards the next culinary endeavors. Cohorts will receive 6 months of intentional consultations followed up with educational training services, $10,000, and continuous training and services to help you maintain your business. Here's how this program works:$10k-$15k grants in culinary development for marginalized entrepreneurs. Apply by Jan 31.
🔗 Apply HERE: DTCoDieKm

2024 Veterans Business Battle - Veterans Business Battle serves as a forum to connect veterans with investors, advisers and resources. It's our goal to lead as many veteran-owned businesses to success as possible. Each year, the event gives invited military veterans an opportunity to pitch business ideas to investors and lenders for a chance to raise capital. Here's how this program works: $5k to $15k to veteran-owned businesses. Apply by Feb 13.
🔗 Apply HERE: DTCineVXxE

Bluevine Line of Credit: Bluevine has line of credit funding available that's fast and flexible. Get on-demand access to a revolving line of credit with no monthly fees. Business credit lines up to $250k. Apply on an ongoing basis
🔗 Apply HERE: lnkd.ineVXxeR

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