6 Essential Marketing Campaigns

Think about the last brand you purchased something from. Did you just buy straight away from an ad? Or just from stumbling across their website?

5/27/20231 min read

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Very few businesses will succeed in meeting their goals through a single ad or a website, alone.

Instead, successful businesses guide people along a journey. They want them to click, take a specific action like opting in, maybe take another action like buying, and then return later on.

And that’s precisely what a marketing campaign does. A campaign is a complete and systematic way to build your brand while making sales at the same time. It creates a precise roadmap for your visitors to move through, which guides them towards a specific action you want them to take.

And there are many different kinds of campaigns you need to weave together in order to effectively scale and grow your business.


We believe a solid email list is the skeleton key to success for a business. In fact, the Direct Marketing

Association found in 2019 that marketers were getting an average of a 4300% ROI on email marketing. That’s $43 for every $1 spent.

This means email marketing is one of the most powerful ways to grow your business, whether you’re brand new or have been in the game a while. The list builder campaign is an essential campaign that every single business should be using to continually grow their list of potential customers.


The List Builder Campaign is designed to grow your list regularly, so you always have fresh new leads to contact about promotions and sales.

Who’s it for:

This campaign is for every business. New businesses need to build up a list from scratch, while more established brands need to constantly replenish their list in order to prevent it from going stale.

In this PDF, we’re going to share with you our top six.

Let’s begin.

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