Create Your Business Social Media Presence

Inside of this reading, you will learn how to establish your business presence for social media and online.

1/3/20231 min read

Establish your business presence online

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Social media is now the largest communications platform in human history. More than 2 billion people are active on Facebook, as per company data, and 1 million use Instagram every month.

Establishing your business presence on social media will help you meet your customers where they learn, socialize, and interact. Most social media platforms offer business pages where you can connect with your audience.

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Facebook is the largest social media network in the world, with more than 2 billion active users

Instagram is a visually-driven platform where you can directly engage your community.

Twitter is a popular microblogging platform that allows users to share information and opinions via 280 character posts called tweets.

LinkedIn is a professional networking site dedicated to career development.

If you’re looking to upload videos that showcase your business, look no further than YouTube, the unmatched leader in video marketing.

Join the TikTok community to unleash your brand’s creative side through bite-sized video content.