No More Creative Cloud

Starting February Creative Cloud Synced files are being phased out from Adobe Creative Cloud. Here's what you need to know:

1/31/20241 min read

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Creative Cloud Synced files are being phased out.

Starting February 1, 2024, Adobe is shifting gears and saying goodbye to Creative Cloud Synced files for personal users.

Adobe is laser-focused on tools that spark creativity and make collaboration seamless. It's not just about storage; it's about making our creative journey smoother and more connected.

Here's what you need to know:
  • What's Changing? Beginning Feb 1, 2024, Adobe will stop offering Creative Cloud Synced files for all personal users. This includes both free and paid subscriptions not part of Creative Cloud for Enterprise or Teams accounts. Details were sent via an email from Adobe; check the email titled "Discontinuation of Creative Cloud Synced files" for your specific discontinuation date.

  • What Are Creative Cloud Synced Files? This feature allowed personal users to sync files across devices and share with other Adobe users through a local folder named Creative Cloud Files or via the Creative Cloud website.

  • Impact on You: If you're using this for syncing or sharing files, these functionalities will end starting Feb 1, 2024. Your files on local devices remain unaffected but ensure syncing is active to avoid loss of any cloud-synced files not present locally.

  • Why Adobe's Making the Change: This move aligns with Adobe's focus on enhancing creative collaboration through purpose-built services, rather than offering generalized cloud storage.

  • Alternatives Offered by Adobe: Adobe continues to support creative work and collaboration through Cloud Documents, Creative Cloud Libraries, and, offering tailored cloud solutions for different needs.

For a detailed guide on next steps and alternatives, check Adobe's communication or their official website.

Why This Matters: Adobe is evolving to focus more on creative collaboration tools. While this discontinuation may require adjustment, Adobe's alternative solutions are designed to provide enhanced workflows and collaborative opportunities.

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