From Setbacks to Success

Welcome to a new episode of 'No Gatekeeping,' with your next guest Georgie-Ann Getton owner of GSD Solutions

3/14/20243 min read

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Meet Georgie-Ann Getton



Alright – so today we’ve got the honor of introducing you to Georgie-Ann Getton. We think you’ll enjoy our conversation, we’ve shared it below.

Georgie-Ann , so excited to have you with us today. So much we can chat about, but one of the questions we are most interested in is how do you stay resilient in the face of setbacks, and what role does resilience play in entrepreneurial success?

My mom. Seeing her raise 3 kids in a whole new country on her own was a masterclass in resilience. I have a deeply embedded belief that you can come back from anything and you can take nothing and make it into something.

Before we dive into the specifics, could you share a bit about your background and the experiences that have shaped your path in entrepreneurship?

I am a NY-based tech ecosystem trailblazer, Execution Expert, mom of two, and the CEO of GSD Solutions. I worked with companies like Girls Who Code, CUNY Startups, Black Women Talk Tech, and many more. I also a multimedia content creator and speaker. I am the author of "The Art of Getting Sh*t Done", a memoir and entrepreneurship guide. I am passionate about helping people be more productive in life and business through strategic decision-making in their daily activities that help them live a fuller life. I also sit on the NY Tech Alliance, Black Podcasting Awards, and Caribbeans in Tech & Entrepreneurship Boards.

What steps have you taken to amplify underrepresented voices within your industry or community?

I have worked in various programs like Girls Who Code, Black Women Talk Tech, Black Podcasting awards and more. I always try to ensure that my work is impacting the black community and women.

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Can you share a pivotal moment that defined your entrepreneurial journey?

One pivotal moment was when I shut down my startup Illicit Mind. It was my most developed company at the time and I had to let it go to grow as a person and business owner.

Reflecting on your journey, what unexpected challenges have you encountered, and how did you navigate them?

I have gone broke, ruined my credit multiple times, been a a new parent mid business growth, a whole pandemic, and scaled multiple companies to 6 figures. What helped me overcome them all was knowing that this was one challenge and there was better at the other side .

What inspired you on the path of entrepreneurship, and how has that initial inspiration evolved over time?

I was inspired by my dad and uncle. They were both entrepreneurs and their ability to create opportunities for themselves and others was very inspiring to me.

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Can you share a specific challenge that seemed insurmountable at the time and the steps you took to overcome it?

We lost a major client worth over $100k. It set the business into a state of emergency. To overcome it I had to scale back and restructure our team.

Describe a networking experience that significantly impacted your business or personal growth.

When I first started in business i went to dozens of networking events in NYC to get to know more people. I met over 200 people and from those connections they have been mentors, clients, and just overall amazing friends. This wasn’t a calculated plan just a curious kid exploring and excited to meet people.

As you look back, what advice would you give to your younger self when starting your entrepreneurial venture?

To stand your ground! When i was younger I would give everything I had for almost nothing in return. Many people manipulated my time and efforts. I would go back and tell my younger self you are worth it.

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