Mastering Real Estate in the Sunshine State

Meet Kaneil Warner, Owner of Warner Estates. Learn about his journey in Real Estate

2/19/20245 min read

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Kaneil Warner


keniel smiling
keniel smiling

We recently connected with Kaneil Warner and have shared our conversation below.

Kaneil , thank you for joining me today. As someone who has navigated challenges to turn a vision into reality, what inspired you on the path of entrepreneurship, and how has that initial inspiration evolved over time?

I was introduced into Real Estate by a patient’s daughter. Felt defeated in the corporate world and wanted to leave so bad. A patient came in and made sure i waited for her daughter. Not knowing I’ll be introduced to my future mentor. We had lunch, and the restless history.

How do you believe your unique background and perspective have contributed to your success as an entrepreneur?

My upbringing played a big part. My mother always kept me active. If it was sports or creative arts. Dealing with a huge crowd at a young age help me to speak with people. Discipline developed with teamwork while playing sports. She did an amazing job.

Can you share a specific challenge that seemed insurmountable at the time and the steps you took to overcome it?

I believe writing down your steps helps a lot. REAL ESTATE is a learning curve. You’re going to have big mistakes. But you also want to write down the steps taken to avoid situations that will put you in a hole.

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realtor pointing
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brand guide iphone
What strategies do you employ to turn obstacles into opportunities for growth in your business?

Always keeping a notepad with me writing down your dreams within that day, month, or year. I drive and look at at least 20 homes every other day. I knock on the door to help the solution. If I don’t hear at least 100 NO’s a month, I’m not doing my job right. You definitely have to Approach the situation positive. I wake up, do my devotion, work out, and then get prepared for the day. Doing CrossFit puts me in a place to get the mind right. I just can’t wake up and just stretch with a poor attitude. Get locked in early.

Reflecting on your journey, what unexpected challenges have you encountered, and how did you navigate them?

It’s not our time, but God‘s time. As in New Yorker, we have a level of wanting things to go just right. Patience, discipline, persistence, and obedience play a big part. Challenges in real estate is the numbers game. You want to make sure both parties is satisfied with the numbers that’s given. You’re responsible for two adults to come to a decision. Sometimes you have to dig into your profits to make the decision go through. Just remaining humble and prayer gets me through the deal.

In your opinion, what role does networking play in the continuous evolution and adaptability of an entrepreneur?

Huge role. You never know who you’ll meet on your path of success. That’s why I always remain humble and positive. Some networking events can be brutal. That person you once praise may be a negative person. But you always want to show respect and positive positivity. It will work in a long run.

Can you describe a networking experience that significantly impacted your business or personal growth.

Wasn’t really a networking experience, but it was placing myself at a live auction. I attended an auction within a county for real estate. I’ve seen the level of eagerness to purchase a home for retail price. Their attitude towards the game was unmatched. It changed me completely. To purchase a house for retail, put the time to fix it up, and sell it Made my day. That’s what I needed to see and I told myself I can do this.

What role do you think mentorship plays in fostering a culture of support and growth within the entrepreneurial community?

It helps a lot. Acknowledgment, guidance, and recognition does play a part with growth. My mentor provide strong constructive criticism. And that’s needed. It’s all about how you take it in.

As you look back, what advice would you give to your younger self when starting your entrepreneurial venture?

Investing yourself more rather than trying to help those Who’s not listening. You’re not Superman. Let go and let God.

How do you stay resilient in the face of setbacks, and what role does resilience play in entrepreneurial success?

Prayer and the company you keep. My mother is a huge prayer warrior lol. It keeps me going those setbacks really questions your beliefs. You really gotta ask yourself, is this for me? I know if I quit now, everyone that I truly believe depends on me, would go to waste. There is no Plan B for me. This is everything.

home owner smile
home owner smile

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Can you share a pivotal moment that defined your entrepreneurial journey?

That would take all day man, but I’ll definitely say I want to work with people and not for people. Becoming an entrepreneur places you in a position to work for yourself. You’re responsible for your income, livelihood, and peace of mind. I’m a huge extrovert. And how can I share my testimony with longevity assets.

As you look back, what advice would you give to your younger self when starting your entrepreneurial venture?

Investing yourself more rather than trying to help those Who’s not listening. You’re not Superman. Let go and let God.

happy couple  home owners
happy couple  home owners
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