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Welcome to a new episode of 'No Gatekeeping,' where we dive into entrepreneurial success. This episode is with writer Seymone Kelly.

1/28/20244 min read

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Seymone Kelly



Joining us in this conversation is a distinguished writer and author, whose journey in the literary world offers unique insights - We’re excited to introduce you to the always interesting and insightful Seymone Kelly.

Seymone, thanks for joining us, excited to have you contributing your stories and insights. In the entrepreneurial world, success is rarely a solo endeavor. It's about the connections we make, the relationships we nurture, and the collaborative efforts that drive innovation and adaptability. So, in your opinion, what role does networking play in the continuous evolution and adaptability of an entrepreneur?

Networking plays a huge role because it helps with outreach. Meeting new people, gaining new followers or even sharing your story can broaden your audience. It helps you evolve through conversations both socially online/ in person. You have to be adaptable and willing to change as an entrepreneur.

Networking is definitely a major key. Before we dive into the specifics, could you share a bit about your background and the experiences that have shaped your path in entrepreneurship?

Being able to create has always been the driving force behind me wanting to be an entrepreneur. I love having the creative freedom behind what I do. The correlation between me being an educator and writer has helped me on this path. As a writer, I have been able to create my own lane and write my own stories. Seeing my words turn into poems, visuals, films, books etc. has/will always make me happy. Being an educator led me to write my first children's book because I saw there was/is a need for more black stories. It hasn't always been easy because life happens. But when you know your gift helps others, it will continue to motivate you.

seymone reading
seymone reading
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Can you share a pivotal moment that defined your entrepreneurial journey?

At the end of 2020, I quit my job with no back up plan. Two weeks later I landed a deal with a children's book subscription company. They needed 400 copies for their January edition box. I was able to provide them with the 400 copies within two weeks. When Jan 2021 came around, my children's book was in the homes of so many families. Also I ended up landing a job that allowed me the time to still create. That really motivated me to keep going!

Reflecting on your journey, what unexpected challenges have you encountered, and how did you navigate them?

One challenge is understanding the new algorithm on social media. With TikTok, Threads and other social media outlets there are new ways everyday to reach your audience. It can be a challenge figuring out how to stay consistent or how to get brand deals. People like your content but what is important is being authentic.Yes learning how to navigate can be a headache. Remembering to do your research, asking friends or even paying for some promotional tools can help you work through those challenges. You will always win when you are yourself.

What practical tips or strategies have you found most effective in overcoming obstacles and achieving your goals?

Write down your goals, have clear intentions, don't compare yourself to others and have a great support team around you (friends, family, supporters).

seymone award with flowers
seymone award with flowers

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How do you manage stress and maintain focus during challenging periods in your entrepreneurial journey?

I take time for myself. It is so important to regroup and that can look differently for everyone. For me, I pray, take social media breaks, workout, talk to the people most important to me and listen to music amongst other things. While you are on this journey, you have to make sure your mental is okay! Do check-ins with yourself, take the time to clear your mind then get back to the grind.

books by seymone
books by seymone
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